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07.07.2012 03:04



First, thank you for your interest in joining this new website designed for those interested in the area of ​​Phonoaudiology and those who need information on certain areas that are addressed in this professional field.

Creating this site came as a challenge for students in fourth year of Phonoaudiology at the Universidad del Desarrollo Concepcion, in order to demonstrate the interests of each one of us in the various airlines that addresses this race, as well as to publicize and research work in the environment arising phonoaudiological.

I invite you to visit this site, you will find information primarily in the oral motor, pathologies that affect the production of speech sounds correct, the implication of bad oral habits, among other topics. Also find information on events phonoaudiological taking place during the year, creation of play materials to work with patients, videos, phonoaudiological campaigns and much more.

Leave your comments or questions so we can improve this site further, to address your areas of interest.

Regards, and enjoy this site.